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   Services - Recent Projects
  • Executive Sonsorship for requirements definition, RFP development, system selection, and implementation of an Electronic Health Record and Billing system, Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic
  • Requirements definition, RFP authorship and systems selection projects (Integrated Student Information System, Special Education Management Information System, Medi-Cal Billing system, Express-Lane Eligibility Enrollment system), LAUSD
  • Special Education Information System implementation, LAUSD
  • Medi-Cal Billing System implementation, LAUSD
  • Medi-Cal Administration Activities implementation, LAUSD
  • Software Development of the Express-Lane Eligibility Enrollment system, LAUSD
  • Short-term Improvement Project Management Services, LAUSD
  • Vendor negotiations (multiple), LAUSD
  • Process analysis and re-engineering projects, LAUSD
  • Requirements definition and short-term improvement planning for ERP, LAUSD
  • Requirements definition & ERP feasibility study, County of San Joaquin.
  • System design & development for a scientific research database system, CMS
  • Design/development of an Intellectual Property system, CMS
  • Development of a Short-Term Improvement Plan, LAUSD, County of Orange
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